This morning in Abergavenny, expect a cool start to the day with a temperature of around 10°C.

There will be no chance of rain and the skies will be cloudy.

Moving into the afternoon, the temperature will remain steady at 10°C.

Again, there will be no precipitation and the sky will continue to be cloudy.

Looking ahead to tomorrow morning, the conditions will be similar to today.

The temperature will be around 10°C and there will be no rain.

The sky will be cloudy.

In the afternoon, the temperature will hold steady at 10°C.

There will be no rain and the sky will transition from cloudy to sunny.

For the rest of the week, the temperature will stay consistent at 9°C.

The sky will be predominantly cloudy.

There will be no rain.

That's all for the weather update in Abergavenny.

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