A MINISTRY of Defence order for £280m worth of artillery shells is set to create more than a hundred jobs at the Glascoed weapons plant near Usk.

Security firm BAE Systems is set to increase its production of 155mm artillery shells, which are used heavily in the current war in Ukraine.

The company has a long history of providing military equipment at Glascoed, where some 500 people currently work, dating back to WWII.  

Defence secretary Ben Wallace said: “The production of 155mm shells is a demonstration of our commitment to invest in our armed forces and sovereign manufacturing capabilities.

“This is good news for the Army and British jobs, creating hundreds of highly skilled jobs in the north of England and Wales, and ensuring our military can deliver maximum effect on the battlefield.”

Ed Cutts, weapons director of Defence Equipment & Support (DE&S), the procurement arm of the MoD, said: “As we continue to help Ukraine repel the Russian invasion, it is crucial we not only replenish the UK’s weapons and ammunition stocks but also increase operational stockpiles so that our armed forces can protect our nation and our allies.”