A local Member of the Senedd has expressed her concerns following HSBC’s latest announcement that 114 bank branches will close.

MS for South Wales East Natasha Asghar said banks were “vital hubs” in towns, adding that the closures will hit the older communities the hardest.

Ms Asghar’s reaction comes following the announcement that HSBC will be shutting its Abergavenny branch - one of four branches in her area earmarked for closure - in April next year.

She said: “I am very concerned about the news that HSBC is to close four of its bank branches in my region of South East Wales.

“Banks are vital hubs in our towns providing valuable financial services for our communities. Online banking is convenient for some but, as Age Cymru has said, bank closures affect older people more than other age groups as more than half of the over 75s do not have access to the internet and even fewer access internet banking.

“The impact of bank closures on businesses, the elderly and the most vulnerable should not be easily dismissed. Banks should respect and meet the needs of these customers by providing adequate services for everyone.”