A POLICE and Crime Commissioner for a force that polices just over the Monmouthshire border has welcomed recommendations outlined in a damning inquiry into the tragic death of Sarah Everard, and the disturbing behaviour of her cop killer. 

The Angiolini Inquiry has outlined a number of recommendations for police forces including the need to improve the investigation of indecent exposure and the vetting process for police officers.

These recommendations further support actions taken by the Home Office, to address vetting, to ensure all police officers are held accountable for their conduct in line with public expectations.

Committed to playing his part in addressing public concerns towards police conduct, the PCC has continued to back West Mercia Police with the resources it needs. This includes the PCC allocating additional funding into the vetting of new and current police officers.

Following a HMICFRS report into vetting, misconduct and misogyny across all police forces, the PCC has held frequent Assurance and Accountability meetings with the Chief Constable to understand the force’s commitment to improving culture amongst police officers and staff. These meetings have also focused on the force’s performance and approach regarding complaints and conduct, including issues relating to sexual misconduct.

PCC John Campion will use his role to seek further assurances from Temporary Chief Constable Alex Murray, to understand how the force will be taking these recommendations as a further opportunity to address police behaviour.

PCC John Campion said: “The heinous actions of Wayne Couzens in March 2021, which led to the tragic death of Sarah Everard, has forever altered the public’s trust in police forces across the country.

“In West Mercia, trust has remained high towards local police officers, and it is my duty to help protect that trust. However, it is right that this inquiry has shone a light on the improvements that need to be made in police forces across the country, particularly around vetting.

“I am clear, I will do all in my power to build public confidence in the police by challenging and supporting West Mercia Police to ensure their officers are adequately trained, equipped and motivated to respond to reports.”