TWO complaints against Labour councillors in Monmouthshire that were dismissed by a scandal-hit watchdog facing allegations of political bias should be independently reviewed, a leading MP has said.

 David Davies is set to meet with the Public Services Ombudsman for Wales next week to discuss “eroding faith” in the organisation’s impartiality.

 It comes as a senior investigator at the ombudsman’s office resigned over a series of inflammatory and prejudiced anti-Conservative posts written on social media, including one using offensive language.

 Mr Davies, MP for Monmouth and Welsh Secretary, said there were concerns that complaints about some Labour councillors in Monmouthshire were apparently blocked from being investigated.

 In a letter to the ombudsman Michelle Morris, who has been in post since 2022, Mr Davies said: “It is imperative that the office of the Public Services Ombudsman for Wales maintains political impartiality at all times and is able to maintain the confidence of all political parties in Wales.

 “I am sorry to say this is currently not the case.

 “There have been concerns in my own constituency about the fact the ombudsman has dismissed complaints about Labour councillors in Monmouthshire.

 “We then learn the chief investigator, who was responsible for investigating those complaints, was apparently making abusive (anti-Conservative) online comments.”

 While it has now been agreed to examine cases which the ombudsman had previously decided not to investigate, Mr Davies said the credibility of the ombudsman’s office remained “in serious doubt” after a barrister with long-standing links to the Labour Party was appointed to conduct a review.

 He was subsequently removed after his appropriateness for the job was called into question by the Welsh Conservatives.

 “I was stunned to learn the individual who had been tasked with investigating the political bias from a supposedly “impartial” chief investigator was a former Labour Party council leader and parliamentary candidate,” said Mr Davies.

 “This decision simply reinforced the perception that the ombudsman is not impartial in its dealings.

 “I look forward to personally meeting with the ombudsman next week to seek assurances that, moving forward, whoever is tasked with leading the investigation must be someone independent and impartial.”