Whoops! Looks like someone took the wrong turning earlier today in Abergavenny’s Brewery Yard.

As short-cuts go it’s not really advisable unless your second name is Bond and you prefer your Martinis shaken and not stirred.

One bemused bystander told the Chronicle, “When I first saw it my first reaction was, ‘Oh that frizzy haired clown Jeremy Clarkson is back in town again filming another one of his car stunt programs!’ But then I thought the car wasn’t flash enough for the likes of that poser.’

“I then assumed it was a foreign driver, possibly French or Canadian, who was looking for a parking spot and had a bit of a whoopsy. The word on the street would seem to suggest otherwise though.

“What’s remarkable is it’s not the first time this has happened. I remember my old mate big Dave telling me how he was eating a sausage sandwich one morning and saw the exact same thing happen in the same spot some years back. What’s the chances of that?”

What really happened here is anybody’s guess! Yet it’s safe to say that this particular motorist really did go, in the words of Madness, ‘one step beyond’!

Joe Pugh who supplied the Chronicle with the photos of the featured incident said, “It was a very surreal thing. The car seemed to be stuck fast. Thankfully it appears no-one was hurt.”