Plans for the introduction of pilot 20mph zones across Monmouthshire were raised at Monmouthshire County Council’s full council meeting on Thursday 16th December. The Welsh Government scheme will see 20mph zones introduced in phases, the first of which will include eight communities, two of which are in Monmouthshire.

Councillor Jane Pratt, cabinet member for Infrastructure said: “We appreciate that many towns and villages across the county support the reduction of speed on our roads. The benefits of lowering the urban speed limit from 30mph to 20mph will contribute to a reduction in the frequency and severity of road collisions, more opportunities to walk and cycle in our communities, make our streets safer and help to safeguard the environment for future generations.

“At this time, pilot projects in Abergavenny and Severnside are being prioritised, with consultation for the Traffic Order scheduled to commence on 22nd December and running for 28 days. The consultation period has been extended to account for the Christmas break. Provided there are no objections raised that cannot be resolved, the 20mph zones will be implemented in February in Abergavenny and Severnside. We’re grateful for the support received from the Welsh Government and Transport for Wales officers.”

The other 20mph zones agreed for this financial year are in Devauden, Mathern, Monmouth including Wyesham) Mynyddbach, Shirenewton and two parts of Chepstow (Mounton Road and the town centre). The 21-day consultation for the Traffic Order for these will commence in early February and, provided there are no objections raised that cannot be resolved, the 20mph zones will be implemented in March 2022. Monmouthshire County Council is also proposing to make the Raglan and Tintern trial 20mph zones permanent, a move widely supported.”

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