Mayor of Abergavenny, Cllr Tony Konieczny and consort Sue Konieczny were amongst the guests that attended the first Ramadan Iftar at County Hall last week

Councillor Konieczny said:“It was an honour and a privilege representing the community of Abergavenny at County Hall, to take part in the first ever Iftar to celebrate Ramadan Kareem. The Monmouthshire Muslim Community Association are based in Abergavenny and most of their members have been residents for many years, occupying many roles supporting our community, particularly in healthcare.

"They have been very supportive partners in caring for the families who have sought sanctuary from brutal conflicts helping them to adjust to new cultures and traditions whilst being able to preserve their own identity and culture.

“it was very interesting to learn about the significance of fasting for Ramadan and to be invited to the join in the breaking of the fast and the sharing of delicious food.”