THIS weekend some members of the Abergavenny Theatre Group will perform a murder mystery as a live radio play on stage at the Borough Theatre.

"Lies, Sex and Discotheques" which will be performed Saturday and Sunday, will be performed as a scripted comedy radio play in front of microphones.

The audience will have the opportunity to identify who they think the murderer is before the end of the show. On each night there will be a bottle of bubbly for the person(s) whose answer is most accurate.

Most of the cast have just finished another murder mystery night in aid of the NSPCC.

Murder and Mayhem ensued at the finale of the Golden Gun awards as one by one, the members of the Stallonio family were bumped of by Irish and Italian gunmen. It was in the Mafioso restaurant and it all started with the discovery of the body of Silvio Stallonio who was that very night to be presented with the Golden Gun award for being Hitman of the Year for 1920.

Not only was he murdered but he had been shot in the back. To add insult to injury the weapon used was the Golden Gun. All the suspects had to give an account of their whereabouts at the time of the murder and explain their relationship with the murdered man. Don Cortesone, the Godfather, revealed various clues throughout the evening whilst members of the audience grilled the suspects with probing questions. As the evening wore on, deep dark secrets were revealed until finally the murderer was unmasked. Bedlam then ensued as the suspects, angry at the outcome, shot each other. Organiser Don Balkwill said, "Thankfully nobody was seriously hurt because it was just some of the members of Abergavenny Theatre Group performing in a Murder Mystery evening to raise funds for the Ponthir branch of the NSPCC. Over the years we have put on a number of these evenings to raise money for charity, says Don Balkwill writer and producer of the shows, Good causes such as Cancer Research, Crossroads, Soroptimists, Hearing Concern and the Leonard Cheshire Foundation have all profited from having us along for fund raising events. We get asked to go back time and time again. In fact this is the third time we have put on a show for the NSPCC. All of the players give of their time freely so that the charity is able to use all of the funds raised. All the players know their characters but the questioning by the audience is totally unscripted which can lead to hilarious results. All those who attended thoroughly enjoy themselves as did the performers, so everybody was a winner. This event raised over £570.00 for the organisation. If other charities would like us to do something similar for them contact me by email [email protected]">[email protected]."