A local group have been successful in their bid to launch a “Greener Abergavenny”. It was previously reported in March that a small group of individuals were creating a proposal to Abergavenny Town Council. 

Following the inaugural AGM this week, supported by the Mayor Councillor Anne Wilde, Greener Abergavenny a consortium of local institutions, civil society groups and businesses, is now a fully formed organisation with a constitution and 6 initial member organisations. 

A spokesperson from a Greener Abergavenny said: “Our aims are to increase awareness of the actions that people can take individually and as a part of formal and informal groups within the community to help make a greener and more sustainable Abergavenny. 

“We also want to recognise and support local groups who are already doing great work in the area.”  

Their first goal as a group is to launch a Fair in the Market Hall, which promotes being green and sustainable. 

“For the past 3 months we have been planning and raising funds for the first Greener Abergavenny Fair in the Market Hall and Upper Brewery Yard on October 1st.  

“We expect to host around 50 participants from the local area and South Wales including local schools, businesses, advisory bodies, community groups and local projects.”  

The Fair will cover a range of topics including Energy, Transport, Food and Farming, Nature and Biodiversity, managing waste and making green purchasing decisions. There will also be an opportunity to receive advice on green careers and education. 

All of this will be achieved through a range of fun activities, and/or accessed at stalls with hands-on exhibits and interaction for all residents, families, community groups and businesses.  

The group also make promises of talks and forum discussions, food and drink, local tours and entertainment. Competitions are planned ahead of the event for all ages, including art, photography and poetry. 

A draft programme is to be released in the near future, for more information. and save the date for Sunday, October 1, 10:30-16:00, Abergavenny Market Hall.