Following the successful launch of her book The Geography of the Heart in Abergavenny Library in January, local author Cath Barton is organising a series of author events there. They will be held on Saturday mornings, one every two months. The format is that a local author with a new or recently-published book with be interviewed by another local writer, and read extracts from their work.

In the first of these events, taking place this weekend, Cath will be talking to Monmouth-based author Margaret Iggulden about The Amethyst Wand, the second book in her eco-historical series, Series of Time. While visiting their grandparents near Caerleon, time travellers Tara, David, Simone and Bethan enter a portal which takes them back to 79 AD. They arrive outside a hill fort belonging to the Silures, an Iron Age tribe. Below the fort, at Isca, is the might of the Roman army, their deadly enemies.

Cath says about Margaret’s book: “Although written for 8 –16 year olds, this intriguing story will also grip older readers. If you like history or fantasy, or both, this is a book for you.”

This event takes place at Abergavenny Library on Saturday, 23rd March, from 10.30 to 11.45am. Free entry. You are welcome to bring your own coffee. Margaret will be selling signed copies of her book afterwards.