This weekend, Catherine Fookes, the Labour Party candidate for Monmouthshire, officially launched her campaign to win back Monmouthshire for Labour. 

Newport East MP Jessica Morden joined Ms Fookes at Labour's campaign rally in Undy on Sunday, May 26th, ahead of the General Election on July 4th. 

In her speech, Ms Fookes outlined Labour's priorities for the country, including their plans for the economy, jobs and opportunities, safer communities, and renewable energy production.

She stated, "After fourteen years of the Conservatives, Britain is crying out for change. The Tories have failed on the economy and living standards." 

"There is not a household, business or charity in Monmouthshire that has not been impacted by Conservative mismanagement." 

"For the sake of our country, we must get a Labour Government in Westminster - and to do that, we must win seats like Monmouthshire."

Jessica Morden said, "On July 4, Monmouthshire residents have the chance to vote for a strong, compassionate, local voice in Catherine Fookes. 

"People are telling me how let down they feel after fourteen years of chaos and decline with a Tory government that has run out of ideas.

"It's time for change in Westminster, and only a Labour government will deliver it."

Ms Fookes' campaign will focus on the economy and the environment. She is committed to achieving a stronger, fairer, and greener Monmouthshire.