Following the urgent alert issued by the Grange Hospital on April 25, local residents have voiced their concerns and experiences.

The Aneurin Bevan University Health Board asked for the public's support, requesting that individuals only attend the hospital for life-threatening situations or serious injuries. This has sparked a conversation among community members about the current state of healthcare services in the area.

Some residents expressed frustration at the perceived lack of available GP appointments and out-of-hours care, believing that this may contribute to the strain on the hospital's Emergency Department. One resident, Paulina Larakova, shared her experience of being referred to A&E three times for a respiratory issue when she believed a GP appointment would have sufficed.

Joanne Keane emphasised the value of community pharmacists as an initial point of contact for non-life-threatening concerns. She encouraged others to consider visiting their pharmacist before resorting to the hospital.

Many residents praised the Grange Hospital staff for their dedication and hard work despite the high demand. Christine Howells, a patient at the hospital, expressed gratitude for the staff, saying, "I honestly can't praise them enough. Nothing is too much for them."

Others suggested that additional minor injury units and A&E services could help alleviate the pressure on the Grange Hospital. However, some questioned the decision to close other local emergency departments and called for their reopening.