Gwent Police are investigating the damage to the cashpoint outside of the Tesco store in Abergavenny after the damage was reported on Sunday April 16.

Despite speculation on social media, Monmoutshire County Council has confirmed the CCTV cameras in Frogmore Street are working and will be used to aid the police in this investigation.

Gwent Police will be liaising with the CCTV Control Room to obtain the footage from the camera.

Addressing the concerns on social media regarding the number of functioning CCTV camera throughout Abergavenny, a spokesperson from MCC said: “All the cameras in Abergavenny are monitored by the operators in the control room and any faults are dealt with by the contractors as soon as they are reported.

“Abergavenny has recently benefitted from some significant Home Office funding, Safer Streets 3, where an additional seven cameras have been installed around the town, five in vicinity of Bailey Park, one on Frogmore Street and one in Lion Street.

“The council has also identified additional funding for community safety from 2023-24 in its latest budget.

“Monmouthshire County Council Community Safety group holds weekly meetings with the police Crime and Disorder Reduction Officers and a separate meeting with the CCTV control room supervisor where current issues are discussed and camera usage optimised to support crime prevention and detection."