GOYTRE Wharf has made the top ten of the most popular waterside destinations in the UK.

According to research conducted by InsureMy, alongside Wigan Pier, Camden Locks, and Sowerby Bridge, Goyte Wharf really floats the boat of people who like to relax by the water.

Experts analysed Google search data to establish which waterside hot spots are searched for most by people looking to get away for the day and in a list of 25, Goytre came tenth, beating off the likes of Oxford Canal, Stratford Upon Avon Canal, Boddington Reservoir and Limehouse Basin.

On average, Goytre Wharf had 2,617 monthly searches by potential visitors.

Since its restoration earlier this century, Goytre Wharf has proved a popular Monmouthshire destination. There’s a day boat hire facility, a cafe, a picnic area, fishing spots, and forest trails to roam in.

The forest trail at Goytre Wharf
(The Forest Trail at Goytre Wharf: Tindle News)

There’s also a lot of history there. Goytre Wharf is also home to some of the best-preserved lime kilns in the world, and these stone structures to industrial strength, ambition, and tenacity remain an intriguing reminder of how the Mon and Brec Canal’s purpose has changed over the last 200 years from torrid toil to languid leisure.

There’s definitely something more than a little enchanting about this industrial beauty spot where water meets woodland.

The Lime Kilns at Goytre Wharf
(The Lime Kilns at Goytre Wharf: Tindle News)

The only other Welsh entry on the list was Llangollen Canal in fifth place. The famous waterway crosses the border between England and Wales and has 4,775 average monthly searches. The Llangollen Canal spans 46 miles, features 21 locks, and has gained over 14,000 hashtagged posts on Instagram, making it 23% more Instagrammable than Rudyard Lake.

Stewart Barnett, Head of Marketing for InsureMy explained, "Brits visit waterside destinations for a variety of reasons, whether for a peaceful escape, nature watching or a leisure activity. With the ongoing costs of living crisis, many people choose to have day trips out to scenic UK locations instead of going abroad. These findings feature stunning landscapes that offer visitors the perfect places to visit.

"It's fascinating to see a diverse range of locations featured. Despite their contrasting atmospheres, all destinations offer unique experiences."