Britain’s leading vehicle breakdown provider is responding to reports of a potential polar vortex during February. The organization’s own in-house weather specialist, Lee Wylie, constantly monitors weather patterns around the UK, so that it is prepared for any scenario.

With concerns that a potential polar vortex could bring a huge disruptive freeze, similar to the ‘Beast from the East’ in 2018, and with this February potentially delivering the most serious winter weather, Start Rescue is ready and waiting to meet any increased demand in vehicle breakdowns.

Wylie explains: “As we all know, weather is difficult to predict, but at Start Rescue we operate by looking weeks ahead to best support our customers.

“There’s much more to breakdown recovery than just predicting traffic flows, or peak periods – and therefore we constantly evaluate weather patterns year-round. We plan by making sure we have enough vehicle breakdown professionals and call agents in place to manage the extra demand.”

Lee Puffett, Managing Director of Start Rescue, added: “Start Rescue makes this investment of looking ahead to ensure we give the best possible service to our customers. With our network operators advised, we increase the number of staff across the business to deal with the increased risk of higher breakdown reports.

“The hidden skill in the recovery business is being able to look into the future and spot potential severe weather outcomes. It’s not just cold weather motorists are in danger of, the July 2022 heatwave brought the first recorded UK temperature of over 40 degrees Celsius. Unpredictable severe weather is becoming more common, and both cold and hot temperatures can affect all types of vehicles at the moment when you least expect it.”

Start Rescue always considers the welfare of customers when subjected to the elements, helping relocate them to a point of safety to keep cool or warm. The organisation goes the extra mile, by booking its customers into local hotels, when their vehicles are stranded.

Be prepared for the polar vortex

Don’t drive unless necessary – Stock up on food supplies before the polar vortex arrives.

Check your tyres – Check for enough tread depth, that tyres are correctly inflated and consider packing and understanding how to fit ‘snow chains’ before your journey.

Test battery condition – Colder temperatures lead to a sharp increase in battery related breakdowns, avoid this by purchasing a battery tester and keeping it fully charged.

Check all fluids – Use windscreen washer fluid with a lower freezing temperature, check your antifreeze and coolant levels, and keep your fuel tank brimmed to the top to avoid condensation forming in the tank, which can lead to frozen fuel lines.

Change your driving attitude – Be alert, give other vehicles plenty of room, drive carefully and ensure you understand all of your vehicle’s controls and ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems).

Pack a winter emergency kit – Ensure you can keep yourself warm by packing emergency blankets, extra warm clothing for all passengers, food and water, and carry a snow shovel.

Join Start Rescue – Become a member today, have the phone number saved and the Start Rescue app downloaded onto your phone–which can help pinpoint your exact location in a breakdown.

Start Rescue has a 4.5-star rating on Trust Pilot, a five-star Defaqto* rating and recently achieved Which? Recommended Provider status for the fourth year running. Start Rescue also has a 97% recommendation rate from customers helped at the roadside.

Launched in 2009, Start Rescue is an integral part of the nation’s fourth largest breakdown and recovery service, Call Assist, which now has more than two million UK customers.

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