Abergavenny local, Alan, is inviting you to join him and his dance partner, for two one hour introductory tango classes at Danceblast as part of Blackmountain Jazz's Wall2wall festivaL.

Although Alan and his dance partner, Victoria have been dancing tango (individually) for around 20 years, the two do not class themselves as professionals or dance teachers.

In fact, according to Alan: “After 20 (plus) years, I am still learning!”

The two met at a milonga (an evening of tango) in a tango embrace. Prior to this, they had experience in salsa but found themselves drawn to the style of dance.

Alan said: “Tango has much greater depth. The experience of moving as one to beautiful music is addictive.”

Dance partners for the last six years; Alan and Victoria have danced tango in many parts of Europe and further afield destinations such as Korea, South Africa, India and Hong Kong.

Recent trips have included Brittany, Madrid and Istanbul. And like the very early days of tango they have found a common language with local dancers on the dance floor through the beauty of the tango embrace.

The two now wish to share their love of tango with Abergavenny.

Black Mountain Jazz is supporting 2 one hour introductory classes at Danceblast on October 1, in the Wall2wall festival.

This will be followed by six classes starting on October 4, again at the Danceblast studio.

No experience of dance is needed and it is suitable for all ages.

Further information can be found on the Blackmountain Jazz website or call Mike on 07958 612691.