Herman Melville's classic tale of revenge and retribution is reborn in Maybe Dick - an inventive, comedic retelling of drama on the high seas which sails into Abergavenny this month The story begins in Nantucket in1841 when Ishmael signs on to the Pequod, and witnesses the perils of nature, obsession,punning and physical comedy, as Captain Ahab conducts a reckless pursuit of the savage white whale, Moby Dick. The production is the latest piece of new writing to tour from Hambledon Productions, a Lincolnshire based theatre company which specialises in classic comedy and new, local writing. Past successes for the company include JustLike That! The Tommy Cooper Show and Dracula! One Bloody Fang After Another

Paul Treweeke
Maybe Dick or maybe a duck! (Paul Treweeke)

After a sell out tour of festivals and smaller venues in 2023, Maybe Dick via an exciting co-production with New Bedford’s Whaling Museum in Massachusetts, USA, is embarking on a new nationwide theatre tour. The show brought together the creative team of Hambledon Productions’ pre pandemic hit Dracula! - One Bloody Fang After Another. “The success of Dracula showed there was a strong audience for, how can I put it, “re-interpreting classic texts, with a British sense of humour. We’ve assembled the same creative team and the show is, I think, more ambitious, sillier, but just as impressive and fun,” said a company spokesman.

Maybe Dick can be seen at The Melville Centre on Friday, April 19. Tickets are available from the box office on 01873 853167 or from melvillecentre.org.uk