The Police and Crime Commissioner for Gwent, Jane Mudd, has reappointed Eleri Thomas as her deputy. Ms Thomas served as Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner to former commissioner Jeff Cuthbert from 2016 until he stepped down in May 2024.  During this time, she led on areas of work including children and young people, criminal justice, equalities, domestic abuse and violence against women and girls. She was also temporarily appointed Acting Police and Crime Commissioner in early 2024 to cover a period of ill health.  Police and Crime Commissioner Jane Mudd said: “Eleri’s dedication to the people of Gwent is evident. She has a wealth of knowledge of the criminal justice landscape in Wales and is hugely respected within this world.  “While I have my own priorities and vison for what I want to achieve during my time as commissioner, having Eleri’s advice and guidance will be incredibly useful and provide consistency for our working relationships with partner organisations. “I am also particularly proud that the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Gwent now has a female commissioner, deputy and chief executive officer leading the organisation. I think this is hugely significant and sends a positive message to women and girls in our communities about the opportunities available to them.” Eleri, who was previously the Deputy Children’s Commissioner for Wales, said: “I am proud to have played an integral role within the Office of the Policeand Crime Commissioner for the past eight years and I am delighted to have been given another opportunity to serve the people of Gwent.  “I look forward to supporting the new commissionerto develop and deliver her new police and crime plan and to help ensure that the people of Gwent receive an efficient and effective service from their police force. I’m keen to engage with members of our communities across Gwent on the issues that matter to them.”