PAST employees of Abergavenny’s Barclays Banks gathered in front of the Frogmore Street institution this week to mark its closure.

The site where Barclays Bank stands was once home to a mansion that belonged to wealthy sporting attorney and Sheriff, Robert Morgan Kinsey.

It was later occupied by his brother, General William Kinsey, who was the grandfather of the surgeon Elmes Yelverton Steel.

Prior to Barclays taking over, the building was formerly the Bennington & District County Bank. Since the 1920s there has been a century of banking on the premises of 57 Frogmore Street. However, on St. David’s Day the building shut its doors as a financial institution, and on decades of serving the town and its people. 

A Barclays spokesperson explained, “Back when we opened this branch, visiting us in person was one of the only ways to do your banking. Now, as there are lots of ways to manage your money without ever leaving your home, we’re seeing many customers choosing to bank using our app, and online or telephone banking. This has had a big impact on the number of customers coming to see us.”

Susan Prangley started work in the Abergavenny branch of Barclays in 1969 and was there for 24 years. She told the Chronicle, “It’s an absolute shame what’s happening. Disgraceful if I’m to be honest. We’re gathered here the day before its closure and if you look inside there’s still a queue. There’s still a definite demand for in-person banking. It’s so sad to see it closing its doors. It’s a sign of the times but not necessarily for the better. It’s happening everywhere. Things are being moved online and to remote settings. However, when you lose the personal touch and face-to-face dynamic everyone and everything is a little more the poorer for it.”

Linda Sheppard who started work at the Frogmore premises in 1967 added,“I’ve got so many fond memories of the eight years I worked there, and made so many good friends. Many of us still meet up at the coffee shop in Nicholls to reminisce about the old days. It’s so sad to think the shutters have done down for the final time on the old place. It really does feel like the end of an era.” 

Pictured in the photo in no particular order are former Abergavenny Barclays employees Sue Prangley, Linda Sheppard, Mary Teear, May Hamer, Glenys Purver, Angela Dorrell, Lynne Collins, Kay Williams, Angela Prichard, Pauline Ashland, Paul Bowen, David Lush, Dawn Lush, Yvonne Price, Lorraine Harris, Louise Jones, Roma Williams, Ros Williams, Alyson Mayo, Jean Carr, Katrina Jones, Chris Phelps. Catherine Williams, Karen Thomas and Sue Maidman.