FIRE investigators say they have been unable to discover the cause of a major industrial estate blaze that saw a business owner rescued by workmates and firefighters.

More than 100 crew fought the blaze at the Caravan Repair Centre warehouse in Blaenavon’s Gilchrist Thomas Industrial Estate, which broke out shortly before 11pm on Wednesday, June 8.

Investigations into how it started have now drawn a blank though, and it will remain a mystery.

The probe was initially hampered by the building being “too unstable to enter”, but further investigations have now been wound up with the cause “undetermined”.

Employees told how they rescued their boss from the flames after being alerted to the late-night fire, which wrecked the building, caravans and vehicles.

Dan Clint and Morgan Sullivan said they received a desperate phone call from him around 10.45pm and rushed to the scene two minutes away, finding him overcome by smoke behind a locked yard gate which could only be opened from outside.

They were beaten back by flames in the shop, but luckily were able to get the keys and open the gate to drag their boss to safety with the help of firefighters who had just arrived.

Morgan said they only just got out in time, as the whole place went up in flames moments after getting him out.

His boss was taken to the Grange Hospital suffering smoke inhalation.

Some 40 crews were involved in bringing the fire under control, while residents were warned to stay indoors as plumes of smoke rose from the estate and 21 neighbouring properties were left without power.

A South Wales Fire and Rescue spokesperson said: “Upon arrival, crews were faced with a large, well-developed fire affecting a large building, approximately 80mx30m and several caravans and vehicles.

“The building and a large number of caravans and vehicles have been completely destroyed by fire.

“One person was rescued from the premises and all other persons have been accounted for.

“Crews used specialist equipment, including a ground monitor, hose reel jets, aerial ladder platforms and water bowsers, to strategically manage the fire and prevent it from spreading to nearby buildings.

“Members of the public were advised to avoid the area to allow for emergency service access.

“Local residents were also advised to keep their windows and doors closed due to the high levels of smoke in the area. These measures have now been lifted.”