A county councilor has confirmed that the planning application for Castle Meadows Active Travel paths have been amended, with the proposed path now to be built with a permeable resin bound surface.

A number of residents were dismayed by initial plans of the path being built with tarmac - ruining the beauty of the Meadows, leading to much disrest.

Cabinet Member for Inclusive and Active Communities, Sara Burch said: “I’m delighted that we can confirm the proposed path surface for Castle Meadows Active Travel paths.

“The planning application has been amended to confirm that they are proposed to be built with a buff-coloured permeable resin bound surface.

“ I would like to thank everyone who took part in the consultation meetings and the officers who have done a lot of research into alternatives to tarmac that will withstand the flood and other conditions of the meadows. I hope that this decision will reassure the many people who have expressed concern.

The planning consultation remains open and a decision will be made on the scheme by the Planning Committee.

If approved, the scheme will go forward for Welsh Government Active Travel Funding next year.”