AN overwhelming number of Castle Meadow users have called for the installation of swing gates rather than cattle grids according to a survey undertaken by Abergavenny Action Group.

Currently 629  people have taken the survey with 410 hand-submitted entries and 219 people using the online version. Signatures were collected at the Castle Meadows on Sundays in both February and March. A further survey day is planned for April.

“The survey concerning the issue to have 10 cyclist-cattle-grids installed at the river meadows, as part of the Transport for Wales, Active Travel and MCC scheme. The badly needed footbridge has been passed, although no contractor has yet taken up the remit. The new paths will be installed concerning Phase One. The land has not yet been purchased near Station Rd for Phase Two,” said an AAG spokesman.

Castle Meadow survey results

Q1. How often do you frequent the Castle Meadow?

   Few times a week: 238, Everyday: 151, Few times a month: 105.  (78% of respondents fell into this category.)

Q2. Your principal activities at the meadows? (multiple categories)

   Overwhelming response:  Walking, Dog-Walking and Socialising, Health and Fitness. 

Q3. Do you think that the Swing Gate is a safer option than the Cattle Grid? 

Decisively: Yes (608), No (12), Not decided (9)

Q4. Do you think that 'Swing Gates' should be installed, rather than 'Cattle Grids?'

Decisively: Yes (612) No (5) Not decided (5)

Q6. Localization of correspondent

Resident: 480 5 to 20 miles of Abergavenny: 93 Other locations 56

Q7. Age Category

Currently the results reflect local opinion with the majority of respondents coming from NP postcodes, although some people have come from as far afield as Glasgow, London and Dorset.

“ The overwhelming opinion at present, is NOT to install any kind of dangerous cycle-grids at the meadows MCC has the final decision and hopefully will decide on the course of action to mitigate risk and not increase it. The vast majority of users of the meadows are pedestrians and will continue to be so,” said Abergavenny Action Group.