In a creative nod to the agricultural industry's evolving landscape, Will Land, a Powys farmer with family ties to Ross-on-Wye, has constructed a maize maze in the likeness of King Charles. The maze, part of Park Farm near Llangattock, has been drawing attention and visitors, including notable comedians Josh Widdicombe and Nish Kumar.

Will took over the tenancy at Park Farm in 2022. He designed the maze with the help of his brother, who works for a GPS company. "I designed it and my brother programmed it. I drove around when the maize was knee high and cut some paths, then the paths were drilled this year," said Will. Despite initial challenges with the paths being too narrow, the maze opened in early August to a warm reception. "The paths were too narrow at first, but I was amazed at how it turned out," Will admitted.

Comedians Josh Widdicombe and Nish Kumar visited the maze for their show "Hold the Front Page" in September. "That was a once-in-a-lifetime experience," Will said. "They came and filmed for the show." The visit came about after Will's sister Ceris reached out to the show's producers. "It was a shock. I had a phone call and said 'yes,' but I didn't really take it in, I thought this can't be true, then they showed up," Will added.

Visitors to the maze had mixed reactions to its resemblance to King Charles, but were convinced once they saw drone pictures. "They thought it was amazing," said Will, who plans to switch themes next year. While the maze is now closed, the farm has moved on to its next venture, a pumpkin patch, which is open until October 31.

Will's father has land near Ross-on-Wye, a connection that perhaps speaks to the broader trend of diversification in farming. "Diversifying has become a huge part of farming. We felt we had to do it as modern farmers. The traditional ways just don't cut it these days," Will noted. He also revealed that Park Farm is planning to add a pizza parlour, operated from a converted horse box, to its list of attractions.