This morning in Abergavenny, expect light rain showers with a temperature of 16°C.

The afternoon will continue with light rain showers, maintaining the temperature at 16°C.

Tomorrow morning will bring a change, starting off with cloudy skies and a slightly warmer temperature of 18°C.

By the afternoon, light rain showers will return, cooling the temperature down to 16°C.

The overall conditions for tomorrow will be a mix of cloudy skies in the morning followed by light rain showers in the afternoon, with temperatures ranging from 18°C to 16°C.

Over the next few days, the general trend shows moderate rain with temperatures peaking at 20°C.

Expect a mix of fog, light rain showers, and scattered showers throughout the day, with temperatures starting at 13°C in the early morning and reaching up to 20°C by the afternoon.

The following day will see cloudy skies with occasional partly cloudy spells and temperatures ranging from 13°C in the early hours to 19°C in the afternoon.

The weather will continue with patchy rain nearby, temperatures will start at 13°C in the morning and peak at 20°C in the afternoon.

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