Following on from the success of their hugely successful production of “One O’Clock From The House” two years ago, this June sees Abergavenny Theatre Group return to the hilarious comedy of Frank Vickery this week.

The brilliant Welsh playwright is renowned for his comedies that thrill audiences nationwide and this year, ATG have chosen to take on Vickery’s most popular play, “Family Planning”.

When teenage daughter Tracey finds herself in the “family way”, she doesn’t know how to tell her parents – solid, dependable Elsie and hypochondriac Idris - or her boyfriend Bobby.

Gran (who knows all and sees all) helps to pave the way for her announcement. Hilarity ensues when Idris – overhearing Elsie and Tracy talking – jumps to the wrong conclusion and believes he only had a short time to live! Throw in a flirtatious next door neighbour with copious amounts of gin, then misunderstandings and mishaps abound!

The whole team involved with the production are all huge fans of Frank Vickery’s work and are thrilled to be performing another of his works. Chairman of the society, Emma Morris, said “The cast have done nothing but laugh through the whole rehearsal process so far. There’s just something about a Vickery play that brings a real sense of camaraderie to a society. We’re really excited to show the public what the cast have worked so hard on”.

You can see Abergavenny Theatre Group perform “Family Planning” on Thursday 14, Friday 15 and Saturday 16 June at the Borough Theatre, Abergavenny. Tickets are available on the theatre’s website or from the Box Office on 01873 850805. Don’t miss this laugh-a-minute comedy!