Abergavenny Town Council are excited to announce that the historic clock has now found a permanent home in the Town Hall.

The Town Hall clock was first commissioned by F.W Rowe and Sons, who originally had a shop on Nevill Street behind Burtons.

The clock was then placed in the Market Hall below the Mayor’s Parlour Window from as early the 1950s, until its removal in 2019, when the building was being prepared for renovations due to the Mezzanine being added for the new library.


Town Clerk, Sandra Rosser said: “We’ve been talking for years about where to rehome the clock and after disucssions with horologist, Rob Howells (who looks after the town hall clock and who’s father was an apprentice for FR Rowe and Sons) it was decided to rehang the clock inside the building to preserve it for years to come.

It is so lovely to be able to share a piece of Abergavenny’s history with the community and know that that clock will be here for many years to come. Hopefully it will generate some conversation and fascination amongst the users of the buildings.”