Community in Kindness nominations continue

Tuesday 7th June 2022 11:00 am
Marlows Place
Victoria and Emma at Marlow’s Place, Abergavenny (Pic from Jon Davies )

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DURING the pandemic a lot of us relied on other people to help us get groceries, take dogs for walks, alleviate lonliness and helping us cope if we had to isolate from the rest of the community if we caught Covid.

And this week we look at more nominations for our Community in Kindness awards.

A couple who live in Belgrave Road, Abergavenny called Rob and Chris have been nominated by a neighbour for one of our awards.

Our nominee says: Rob and Chris moved to this area about five or six years ago and pooughed themselves in the local community.

‘‘No-one has been more willing and kind to their neighbours - fetching and carrying, offering lifts, nothing was too much trouble for this lovely couple over the last two years.

‘‘Rob also delivers for the Bridges community centre in Monmouth.

‘‘He is a pleasant, patient kind manwho never says ‘no’ and his wife has the same attributes. Good sorts and an asset to our community!’’.

Jodie Mathews has been put forward for the ‘Act of Kindness’’ category for our awards.

The couple who nominated Jodie said: ‘‘We didn’t know Jodie before lockdown until she knocked on the door and saide she woudl do the shopping for us, she was also shopping for another elderly couple and for her mother who was sheilding.

‘‘We eidn’t have to do without a single thing.

‘‘She also had the worry of caring for her young son who wasn’t at all well so she had to take him back and forth to the doctors and hospital and with his schooling it must have been very difficult for her.

‘‘She is bringing him u to be so respetful. Even now she is back at work she still says she is not far away should we need anything so that we will always be very grateful.’’

Proud mum Maria Storey has nomionated her daugher Lucy for Primary schoolteacher of the year award.

Maria says: ‘‘My daughter is the most kind person you could meet and is always on the look out for stuff to do which will improve the learning of the children she teaches.

‘‘She love her job and loves to see the children happy and is always willing to to do extra things for the school in her free time and buy things for the school with her own money.

‘‘I am proud to call her my daughter.’’

Community in Kindness
Lucy Storey has been nominated for Primary Schoolteacher of the Year (Pic from Maria Storey )

Marlow’s Place in Nevill Street, Abergavenny has been nominated for the Heart of Community award.

The mum’s cafe has been open for just over a year and one of their customers has put the staff forward for the award.

The nominee Harriet says: ‘‘As a new mum who has recently moved to the area, Marlow’s Place has given my daughter and I a destination to meet other mums and a place for respite on the touchy days.

‘‘Vicky, Beth and Sophie will always be there with a hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate and the offer to hold the baby and entertain her while you get to drink your drink, go to the loo or just have a catch up with friends.

‘‘This is an invaluable service in that overwhelming first year of motherhood.

‘‘Abergavenny is a better place for a cafe lke Marlows Place.

It offers a safe space on the days where your baby won’t stop crying or just won’t fall asleep, you would be met with other customers glares and distaste in other coffee shops or cafes, but in Marlows you know everyone will understand and offer advice.

‘‘We absolutely love living somewhere with this space available so Vicky definitely deserves this award.

‘‘The cafe is exactly what new mums need to socialise, especially after the pandemic.’’

*Nominations are coming in for your local heroes right here in Abergavenny.

We have several contenders who have been put forward for the different categories for our Community in Kindness awards however we are yet to receive nominations for Charity of the Year, Secondary School Teacher or Triumph over Adversity categories so if you know of anyone who is sutable for these ctegories please get your nominations in.

The nominations closed on June 24 2022 so you still have plenty of time to fill in the form on page 11 or online.

Over the coming weeks we’ll outline tmore nominees and the reasons why they have been nominated.

The Chronicle and Abergavenny Town Council joined forces to officially launch the awards last month and we have now been joined by a host of local businesses who are sponsoring the nominations.

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