As Wales prepares to play their first World Cup match in 64 years tonight, the Prince of Wales explained why he supports England during international football instead of Wales.

During a visit to the Senedd Prince William said he thought it would be inauthentic to switch to supporting Wales as he has supported England since he was small.

He had previously been criticised for backing the England team instead of Wales telling them: “We are all rooting for you.”

Prince William said: “I support England more in football but Wales in rugby.

“Getting to the World Cup is a big deal and I’ll be supporting Wales through the process.”

He went on to explain it wouldn’t look right if he suddenly dropped England to support Wales.

Princess Kate could relieve the tension as it is speculated she may become a patron of the Welsh Football Association, a role previously held by the late Queen, after taking on the role of patron of England Ruby Union and Rugby League earlier in the year.

Actor Micheal Sheen said it was said it was “entirely inappropriate” for Prince William to make these comments and questioned why he hadn’t “a shred of embarrassment or sensitivity” due to his title as Prince of Wales.

Micheal Sheen became a talking point after he gave a passionate speech rallying the Welsh football team which gained popularity online.

How do you feel about the amount of support shown for the Welsh team competing in the World Cup 2022 by the Prince and Princess of Wales?