This week, the enforcement of the default 20mph speed limit will be implemented which means that points and fines will be applied to those caught doing 26mph or more in the new 20mph zones. 


However, if you are pulled over for doing more than 20mph in a built-up area, you could be fined a minimum of £100 and receive three points on your license. 


While I have continuously voiced my concerns surrounding the policy, it is wrongly claimed that I, and the Welsh Conservatives, are opposed to 20mph zones, which is just not true. 


I believe it makes sense for 20mph zones to be implemented in sensible areas such as near schools, residential areas, around city centres or other areas of high footfall. 


However, it should be down to local authorities as to where these speed limits are implemented, not a result of Welsh Government legislation making 20mph the default speed limit. 


Opposition to this default speed limit has been loud, with almost half a million people signing a Senedd petition opposing the policy, the largest petition to the Senedd ever signed. 


Sadly, this policy was not only badly communicated by the Labour Government, but it is costing £33 million to implement, as well as a long-term detrimental effect of up to £9 billion to the Welsh economy. 


I know bus routes have been cancelled as a direct result of these new speed limits and emergency services have voiced their concerns surrounding the impact that these new limits would have.


I agree with the new Welsh Labour Leader when he says that the Welsh Government must listen and not lecture the public. So, I hope he begins by listening to concerns and rethinks this incredibly unpopular and economically damaging policy.


If the Welsh Government won’t scrap the scheme, it should at least simplify the requirements for councils to revert more stretches currently under the default 20mph back to 30mph and pass on sufficient resources for councils to do this.


I can confirm that the Welsh Conservatives would reverse this policy, reverting the default speed limit back to 30mph.


If the new Leader in Wales needs the support of the Welsh Conservatives to scrap this policy, we will provide the votes.