LABOUR has been mismanaging the NHS and education in Wales for more than two decades, despite the content of a “deliberately misleading” leaflet claims the Secretary of State for Wales, Davies TC Davies MP

A Welsh Labour leaflet - which claims that a Labour-run UK Government would improve the NHS and education– fails to mention that these areas are in fact devolved and have been run by the Labour-run Welsh Government. 

He accused both the Welsh and UK Labour parties of “deliberately misleading” the people of Wales, saying: “Labour’s latest leaflet conflates both the Welsh and UK Labour parties and conveniently omits the fact that the NHS and education have been run by Welsh Labour for over two decades.

“The leaflet is deliberately misleading the public by failing to mention that Welsh Labour slashed the NHS and education budgets, leading to the worst waiting times, and numeracy and literacy skills in the whole of the UK; as well as the axing the Chepstow Bypass.

“Instead of focusing on improving people’s daily lives, Labour is wasting time and taxpayers’ money on over £100 million to create more politicians for the Welsh Parliament and a continued war against drivers with planned congestion charges for using certain roads and a blanket 20mph policy. 

“And if you want more evidence of what Labour is capable of, look no further than my constituency, where the Labour-run council is hiking council tax and refusing to build the Chepstow bypass. 

“I call on Labour to stop misleading the public and finally acknowledge its drastic failures.” 

And Peter Fox, the Member of the Senedd for Monmouth and the Shadow Minister for Finance, added: “Labour is trying to find a way to claim that the NHS and education are the responsibility of the UK Government, which is completely false. It is a fact that for more than two decades Welsh Labour has been failing our NHS and schools across Wales.

“I find it rather convenient that Labour has not announced in the leaflet their planned £600 million of cuts, due to their mismanagement of the budget. They really have taken their eyes off the ball. 

“I am very disappointed in this leaflet which appears to be purposefully misleading people in Wales. 

“Labour needs to stop running away from its dreadful track record in Wales and, at long last, be honest with the public.”