FURTHER improvements have been made to Bailey Park over the past few weeks including flowers being planted ready for next spring and a new path being put in place in the sensory garden to increase accessibility for visitors.

The old path through the sensory garden has been renovated after it was becoming difficult for wheelchair and pushchair users to manoeuvre due to it slowly crumbling away.

The Friends of Bailey Park hope to bring in more visitors into the sensory garden now accessibility have been improved.

The group’s chair, Judith Vicary, said: “A number of wheelchair users and those with limited mobility have recently visited and have said how pleased they are with the improvements.

“The Friends of Bailey Park would like to thank GAVO, Monmouthshire Housing Association, Monmouthshire County Council and Abergavenny Town Council who together have enabled the volunteers to raise sufficient funds to pay for the new path.

“The Sensory Garden has been transformed, and there are plans to create more interest in the near future.”

The Friends of Bailey Park are continuing their work to create a woodland and wildflower area near the Avenue by planting daffodil blues on either side between the trees.

Monmouthshire County Council donated one of the large bags of daffodil bulbs and the other five bags were supplied by Abergavenny Garden Centre at discounted price.

Judith expressed her gratitude to the 14 volunteers, including members of Keep Abergavenny Tidy, who helped to plant the bulbs.

She said: “The daffodils stretch the whole length of the Avenue and should create a spectacular colour in the spring next year.

“14 volunteers worked on a damp Monday morning and by the end were all soaked and muddied by the heavy downpour!

“We couldn’t have done it without the four members of Keep Abergavenny Tidy who did much of the heavy digging.”

The last few remaining daffodil clubs were planted near the stream by the Rockery Garden opposite Morrisons.

Foxgloves, yellow poppies and blue love-in-a-mist have been added to the Wild Flower Garden as well as wood anemones and fritillary, both loved by bees so look out for those in the spring too.

Thirty year four pupils from Cantref School have also helped the Friends of Bailey park in their flower planting ready for spring.

They spent the day on November 11 planting more than 300 tête-à-tête narcissus bulbs around the beech and oak trees.

Pupils from Cantref School helped plant the same flowers in the same location last year.

The project was brought together by Monmouthshire Housing Association which organised the visit from the school.

Engagement Officer from Monmouth Housing Association, Rachel Barry organised the visit with three members of staff and provided the children with hot chocolate and sweets when all of the handwork had been completed.

A minutes silence was held at 11am to remember the fallen in both World Wars and in other more recent conflicts.

Judith said: “Thanks to Abergavenny Garden Centre for providing bulbs with a generous discount, and to Rachel B, Rachel K and Bethan from MHA for making it all possible.

“Everyone remarked on the children’s enthusiasm and eagerness to help with the planting.

“We look forward to enjoying the results of their work next Spring when we will see a show of bright yellow around each tree.

“The Friends hope to see the children again in the spring when they will work  together on different projects in Bailey Park.”