A group of parents and schoolchildren have managed to raise nearly £5,000 for an Abergavenny school after completing the Monmouthshire Three Castles Walk.

On Saturday September 11, 11 mums of schoolchildren from Cantref Primary School completed the entire 34km route linking in the medieval castles of Grosmont, Skenfrith and White Castle.

The parents were joined on some of the route by their children, all pupils at Cantref Primary, with the students completing the 10km route between Grosmont and Skenfrith with ‘great energy, enthusiasm and excitement’.

The group decided to take on the challenge to raise funds to improve the outdoor learning and play facilities at Cantref Primary school, and have managed to raise an amazing total of £4,825.

One of the mums who took part in the Walk, Phillippa Prosser said: “I am so pleased to report that all 11 mums completed the entire 34km route in around nine hours.

‘‘I feel so lucky to be surrounded such an amazing group of motivated and supportive friends in Cantref and the success of the day was entirely down to the team work of everyone involved.

“The kids were amazing, they didn’t require any extra encouragement to finish their walk.

‘‘It is a huge achievement for such little legs and all their families and friends and everyone at Cantref Primary School is so incredibly proud of them all.

“I would definitely recommend the Monmouthshire Three Castles Route to any intrepid walkers wanting to explore the local area.”

Cantref Primary school teacher Miss Helen Brown also walked the children’s stretch. Speaking about the walk, Miss Brown said: “Being a keen walker myself I was excited to be involved in the 3 Castles fundraising mission.

‘‘Walking the middle 10km from Grosmont to Skenfrith with the children was both a joy and a privilege.

“Myself and all of the staff at Cantref are beyond proud of all the children that took part, and the school are incredibly grateful for the funds you’ve raised for the playground equipment.” Phillippa added:

“I would like to say thank you to Helen Brown of Cantref Primary School for volunteering to represent the staff and help us to entertain all 16 children enroute from Grosmont to Skenfrith Castle.

‘‘Our thanks also to our guide, John Faragher, who was on hand during this stretch to help with the safety aspects of the walk.

“We can’t thank everyone enough for all the support we have been given and this marvellous amount of money definitely makes all the aches and blisters worth while.

‘‘Our children are so excited to see the result of all their efforts in the playground very soon.”