Four Norland nannies put on their Pudsey Bear ears and set off on a mile long trek around Abergavenny with five toddlers to raise money for BBC Children in Need.

The group walked in a loop beginning at the car park in Castle Meadows, walking past the castle through town until arriving back at the carpark 55 minutes later.

All of the toddlers all aged under three enjoyed jumping in puddles, speaking to the cows in the fields and waving to people they saw on their route.

One of the Norland Nannies, Meg Pitts, said: “We do lots of walking but this was our first big fundraiser as a group.

“It was slow and it took along time but it was a really nice morning but it was great for the children to spend time doing it.

“People were so kind and were donating cash as we were walking around.”

They have already raised £523 for the charity and it is still going up.

The group is planning on doing similar fund raisers again with more people involved.