After Sunday's unveiling of the close knit community tree in aid of Zimele UK, the group were left feeling disheartened after the squares making up the covering of their storytelling seat were stolen from Linda Vista Gardens.

The cover of the chair, made up of hand knitted squares from people both in Abergavenny and surrounding areas, as well as in Swayimane, South Africa, was taken sometime between Monday night and Tuesday morning, and the group are appealing for it to be returned.

Rebecca Hands, Zimele UK Trustee, "We were upset to see that it had been stolen, and would really appreciate if whoever took it could return it. This is not a witchhunt, all we want is the knitted squares returned, as they have a not of personal value to both us, and to those who knitted the individual squares."

The group have expressed that whoever took it may have needed a blanket for the night, and have said they will assist whoever needs a blanket by making them one if the squares can be returned.

The group are appealing for anyone who has seen the squares, or knows of their whereabouts, to contact Rebecca on [email protected]">[email protected], or on 07741208311.

Rebecca added, "If whoever took it doesn't feel comfortable contacting us, please drop it into the Chronicle Office so that we can get it back. We would really appreciate if we can get them back as soon as possible."