IT would appear Swan Meadows is under attack by a fleet of unidentifiable wooden objects (UWOs).

The bizarre circular objects were spotted by a bemused dog walker this afternoon.

One of the UWOs appears to have landed plum centre in the middle of the 1993 Eisteddfod Gorsedd stones which were moved their in 2001 from their original position at the Grove, Monmouth Road.

The other UWOs appears to have took a turn for the worse and made a crash landing in the River Gavenny.

The gentlemen who reported his unexplained sightings to the Chronicle said, “Upon further investigation I would hazard a guess that these objects are industrial wooden drums. They’ve probably been half-inched from a nearby building site by litter louts looking to make a rep for themselves.”

A park bench dweller who spends a lot of time in Swan Meadows added, “It’s a real head scratcher alright. From a distance the one dumped in the middle of the standing stones looks like King Arthur’s roundtable.

“At first I thought the council was responsible. I thought it was one of those arty installations they like to waste tax-payer’s money on, but even they wouldn’t be that dumb, would they?”

Monmouthshire County Council have been duly informed of the situation and we’ll keep you updated of further developments as and when we have them folks.