Women Who Work in Fieldsports (WWWF) has announced its upcoming event: In Conversation and Networking with Tiggy Pettifer, will be coming to Abergavenny on June, 27.

Created to establish a strong female network within fieldsports sectors, WWWF's membership launch aims to foster support and learning among women.

The event features Tiggy Pettifer, Head of Fundraising at the Atlantic Salmon Trust, discussing her career challenges and successes.

Co-founder of WWWF, Iona Campbell, said: “There has been a call for WWWF to do an event in Wales for quite some time and we are delighted that we are heading to Abergavenny. We couldn’t have asked for a better guest [Tiggy] to kick off our Welsh events.”

The organisation is inclusive, welcoming women involved in fieldsports beyond shooting, fishing, or hunting. With plans for webinars and experience days, WWWF aims to empower women in this sector.

Admission is free for members and £10 for non-members.