Natasha Asghar has her sights set on becoming the next Mayor of London with the experienced politician now in the running for the top job. 

Having lived in London for nearly 20 years, Natasha believes she has what it takes to knock Sadiq Khan off his perch and become the next Conservative mayor. Natasha, who is currently a Member of the Welsh Parliament representing more than 600,000 people, today confirmed she had submitted her application form – and is now firmly in the running. 

As Wales’ Shadow Minister for Transport and Technology, Natasha has been leading the fight against Labour’s plans to introduce controversial ULEZ schemes, the rollout of 20mph speed limits and congestion charges as well as a backwards ban on all major road building. 

I firmly believe that I can be the breath of fresh air London so desperately needs.”

Natasha Asghar

Now she is preparing to take the fight to London and turn the capital city blue again. Some of Natasha’s promises – should she be successful – includes scrapping the expansion of London’s ULEZ schemes, restoring the public’s trust in the Met Police and tackling London’s housing crisis. 

Natasha Asghar said: “After a lot of deliberating and gentle nudging from residents across London, I have decided to throw my hat into the ring to become the Conservative candidate for next year’s Mayor of London elections. “I have spent the best part of two years fighting against Labour’s backwards policies in Wales as the country’s shadow Transport Minister and now I am ready to take the fight to London. 

“London is a fantastic place to live, visit and work – it’s somewhere we should be proud to call home – but sadly Sadiq Khan has neglected our city for far too long and that’s got to change. “My passion for London, its people, its businesses, and its tourists, is exactly why I want to become the next Conservative Mayor of London. I firmly believe that I can be the breath of fresh air London so desperately needs.”