Fantastic dancing, lovely food and delicious Afghanistan tea lit up a celebration of culture at Haberdashers’ Monmouth Schools.

Germany, Colombia, South Africa, Afghanistan, Somaliland, Romania, France, Jamaica, India, Spain and the Netherlands were among the nations represented at The Blake Theatre.

“As a school, we have a special community, and I believe we are a community of communities,” said the Head Boy at Monmouth School for Boys, Shay Lewis.

“We wanted to embrace all the communities at Monmouth - day pupils, boarding or the Armed Forces; all the things that make our schools so special.”

“We have children and staff at Monmouth from many countries and we tried to reflect this through culture, cuisine, music and dance, ranging from Colombia and Romania,” said Shay, who helped organise the event.

The student-led event raised money for The David Rattray Foundation: KHULA Education.

Pictured are: Top, Tabitha Prosser-Wrench (second left) reflected her family’s South African heritage: Below, The Colombian stall, organised by Spanish teacher and Colombian native Mrs Jenny Cardenas (not pictured), was a big success. Bottom: Sulaiman Qualandrai represented Afghanistan and his delicious native tea was hugely popular among guests.