YOUNG people in Abergavenny are putting their lives as risk by climbng onto the roofs of town centre buildings.

In recent months properties including the Mountain Warehouse, Tesco and Whitehorse Lane toilets have been targeted by teenagers.

On Wednesday May, 17, eyewitnesses called the police after spotting teens walking on the rooftop edge along Frogmore Street. One teen was also reported to have shouted a “mouthful of abuse” at a resident who tried to talk them down.

The eyewitness stated: “The people that I have seen walking along the rooftop edge don’t understand the risk they are putting themselves at.

“Having engaged with one of the group, they don’t seem to have any comprehension of the danger they put not only themselves in, but those that have to go up after them.

“Only a few weeks back, on April 26, they had to bring in the hydraulic platform and officers from South Wales Fire and Rescue were having to bring people down off the roof.”

In response to the ongoing issue, Abergavenny Town Council have been working with police and other agencies to regulate and ultimately stop the problem.

Mayor of Abergavenny, Cllr Anne Wilde commented: “On Monday May 22, Abergavenny Town Council undertook a walking survey of areas in the town that are being accessed by people in the early evenings.

“In conjunction with Gwent Police and Monmouthshire County Council, we will be looking at ways we can implement changes to make the town safe and discourage people from putting themselves at risk, as well as those in the emergency services who respond to callouts when people are seen putting themselves at risk by accessing high points and rooftops around the town centre.”

PS Mark Sexton of Gwent Police, further added: “We are aware of reports of children climbing on scaffolding and roofs in Abergavenny town centre. We cannot emphasise how dangerous this is and urge parents to speak with their children who are putting not only themselves but others at risk with this behaviour.

“We are working with local businesses to address this, and anyone caught climbing on roofs or scaffolding in the area will be dealt with accordingly.

“If you have any concerns about anti-social behaviour, and see us on our patrols, please do stop to talk to us.

“Alternatively, you can report your concerns by calling 101, or by sending us a direct message via Facebook or Twitter.”