WELCOME news that a village Post Office is set for reopening is being tempered by the announcement that the opening hours will be significantly less that expected.

Before closure last year, the post office at Llanfoist was open for four days a week at the Village’s Church Hall. Its rebirth, however, sees it downgraded to a locally operated ‘Outreach’ service.

A post office spokesperson confirmed, ‘The Post Office is proposing to restore Post Office services to Llanfoist with the introduction of a new Hosted Outreach Service at its former location at Llanfoist Church Hall.

‘The Hosted Outreach Service provides a service at a set time each week and will be operated by the postmaster from Crickhowell Post Office, who will visit the community every Thursday between 1pm and 3pm.

‘To restore services to the community as quickly as possible, the new Hosted Outreach service will commence on Thursday, February 8 and will offer a wide range of services.

The Post Office is now inviting customers and interested parties to give their comments on the move in a six week public consultation.

Sarah Cottrell, Network Area Operations Manager said, ‘We are confident that this hosted outreach service at the heart of the local community will meet customer needs.’

The consultation will close on March 6th; submissions can be made during the consultation by Freepost to Post Office Ltd or via email to [email protected], or via the Customer Helpline on 03457 22 33 44.

However, having spoken with a number of villagers over the last few months, Llanfoist Fawr Councillor, Giles Howard, has arranged a public meeting at the Llanfoist Church Hall on the morning of Monday January 29, from 10am.

He told the Chronicle, ‘Residents have told me how keen they are to see the Post Office re-open, but given the limited extent of the opening hours there will be significant disappointment after waiting so long.’

Stuart Taylor, Head of External Affairs at Post Office Counters, has agreed to attend the meeting to explain the Post Office’s position and answer questions.