A TRAINING session to arm villagers with the necessary skills to tackle persistent speeders in a village has taken place.

Residents had previously hit out at drivers who continually speed through the Penperelleni Village and other areas of Goytre.

But following a GoSafe training meeting at Goytre Community Centre, where those present were taught how to use a speed gun by Christopher Evans of Gwent Police, residents are optimistic that they can now deter speeding vehicles.

Co-ordinator Carol Davies said: “It’s really great to see our team together at last. I will be arranging rotas so that we can get started straight away. There is so much support from residents in the village who are heartily fed up with the cavalier attitude of some drivers to speeding through our village.

“We all feel we are doing something positive to make a real change to driver behaviour.”

Christopher Evans, of Gwent Police, who helped set up the Gosafe campaign, said: “This is the largest group of volunteers that has come forward. I am usually helping groups of 6 to 8. I think this shows the strength of feeling of the villagers of Penperlleni who have real problems in crossing the busy A4042.

“I wish them success in their campaign which is now live.”

Councillor Butler echoed similar remarks: “This will definitely add weight to our campaign to give us a safe crossing at the Goytre Arms Crossroads. It is one thing to tell us that we have met the threshold for a crossing. What we actually want to hear is that the money has been found to install it and not to be fobbed off again. I’m part of the team and looking forward to going out there with the speed gun as soon possible.”

And Peter Fox, the Member of the Senedd for Monmouth, added: “Speeding has been an issue facing the residents of Goytre for a long time and I am absolutely delighted to see this close-knit community work together to tackle it.

“I very much look forward to visiting the group in the near future.”