A CONVICTED paedophile living in Abergavenny has been sent to prison for two years and one month for possessing child abuse material that a seasoned detective described as “extremely upsetting.”

Richard Hill, 37, of Willow Close, owned a phone that contained over 750 videos and photographs of mainly underage boys being brutally abused, tortured and raped by men.

Prosecutor Gareth James told Cardiff Crown Court, “They show children in some degree of pain and distress.”

The court heard how one harrowing video showed a young boy being tied with rope and stamped on as he was sexually abused.

The man responsible for the abuse also urinates on the boy before giving a thumbs up to the camera.

Hill, who had previously served a 16-month sentence after he was found guilty at Hereford Crown Court in 2018 for the making and distributing of indecent images, pleaded guilty to three counts of possession of category A, B and C images and one count of possession of prohibited images.

Hill’s defence barrister, Ben Waters, told the court that his client was “appalled at his behavior” and was a “young man dealing with issues from his past.”

He explained that Hill wished to “amend the deficiencies in himself” and pleaded for a suspended sentence for his client.

Hill was arrested on September 11 of last year when police officers were informed of a man “acting strangely” in Castle Meadows. Upon investigation, officers found an intoxicated Hill laying face down on a towel. The defendant told the police his name was Rick Hill. An initial examination of his phone revealed no indecent images but did reveal disturbing WhatsApp messasges about underage sex that Hill dismissed as “fantasy.”

Judge Tracey Lloyd-Clarke told the court that Hill was caught with material that showed “prolonged sexual torture of little boys.” She said people like him were responsible for the making and distributing of such material. Judge Lloyd-Clarke added, even if his sentence met the criteria for being suspended ( a sentence of two years or less) she would still not suspend it.

Hill will serve half of his two year and four months sentence in prison and the remainder in the community on licence. He will also be registered as a sex offender for the next ten years.