A glorious and sunny day full of food, music and local trading for the 3000 people who attended this years’ Nourish festival. Susan James - the director of Nourish festival – said it was packed between ten and four, with many stalls selling out. 



Susan said:” The gin is always popular, we put it at the top of the highstreet, so they go all the way to the top. That seems to be all you need to do, lead a trail to gin.



” It’s lovely to see the town so busy as highstreets are struggling, and Bovey is full of small independent shops. 


“I’ve had shopkeepers saying they’ve had a great day; all the producers were local to the South-West area”. 



There was an array of people who attended, ranging from young families to retired couples. 


“That’s what was great about it, it appeals to so many.”