Volunteers from Friends of Bailey Park have helped create and develop a beautiful new rockery garden area in the park, with shrubs donated by members of the public.

The new garden area can be found just opposite Morrison’s in Bailey Park, and has been designed in part to compensate for the felling of old conifers alongside the railings, and to enhance the area with shrubs, bulbs and perennials.

It is thanks largely to the hard work and planning of Roy and Christine, two of the Friends, that this garden has rapidly become such a focal point in Bailey Park.

Passers-by often stop to talk about the work being carried out by the volunteers, and offer their thanks for the many improvements that have taken place over recent years.

To give added interest, large stones that were lying abandoned in the park were helpfully collected and brought down to the new garden, now known as The Rockery, by Monmouthshire County Council workers, and placed amongst the plants.

The ground has been very difficult to work, and bark has now been put down to deter the many weeds that have been trying to overwhelm the new plants.

Friends of Bailey Park would like to thank members of Keep Abergavenny Tidy who helped in putting down three lorry loads of bark deposited by Monmouthshire County Council.

A spokesperson for Friends of Bailey Park said: “A roped fence has been added to encircle the garden in order to deter dogs, some of which are still disappointingly off lead, despite the many park signs asking dog owners to be responsible.

“This garden is becoming a haven for bees and other insects as the majority of the plants are pollinator friendly.

“We would all like to thank members of the public, who have so kindly donated plants, shrubs and even cash.

“This has developed into not just a garden, but it is a reflection of community spirit in our town.”