Volunteers from the Friends of Bailey Park group have begun work to create two new areas of biodiversity in Bailey Park following the recent tree-felling works by Monmouthshire County Council.

As reported recently in the Chronicle, tree-felling work was undertaken in the park by Monmouthshire County Council due to safety concerns with the work taking place over a couple of days at the beginning of November.

After consultation between the council and Friends of Bailey Park, it was agreed that to complement the newly planted trees intended to replace the fallen trees the Park volunteer group would transform an area of the park into a wild flower meadow and woodland setting.

Friends of Bailey Park began this work on Monday November 22.

Speaking to the Chronicle, Friends of Bailey Park Chairwoman Judith Vicary said: “After the felling of the cypress trees in Bailey Park, the whole landscape changed dramatically and there is now much more light and an impression of a larger, more open space along by what is known as the Avenue.

“Ahead lies the challenge of transforming this sizeable area into a wild flower meadow and a woodland setting with a display of Spring bulbs.

‘‘It could take considerable time and money to achieve this task, as it will need hard work and funding to complete.

‘‘However, it is a long term plan with many agencies involved, including the Town and County Councils and volunteers, making a commitment to creating an area of natural beauty for future generations to enjoy.

“The task was begun by a large, willingly group of Friends of Bailey Park who managed to plant one thousand snowdrop bulbs in very chilly conditions, completed in just over half an hour.

‘‘We would also like to thank Monmouthshire County Council for their kind donation of the bulbs.”