A CLOSE collaboration is urgently needed between the Welsh and UK Governments to mitigate a potential new threat facing pollinator species, a politician has warned.

Speaking at this week’s Plenary session Peter Fox, the Member of the Senedd for Monmouth, raised his serious concerns following several cases of reported sightings of the Asian hornet in southern England.

Experts have warned that the Asian hornet, an invasive non-native species to the UK, could wreak havoc upon pollinator species, especially the British honey bee, if left unchecked.

Mr Fox said:“The invasive species pray on native honeybees and, as a result, are now causing serious concern, especially as there have been several reported sightings of it in southern England.

“Despite pollinators playing a key role in our food security, we have witnessed an estimated 23 per cent decline of the honeybee and they continue to struggle. We need to grapple this threat before it escalates further.

“DEFRA has since urged the public to report any possible sightings of the Asian hornet and I urge you to do so too.

“Moving forward, this situation will require different levels of government collaborating together. We now need to see the Welsh Government work hand in glove with the UK Government to tackle this threat.”