Traders in Monmouth are bracing themselves for a wave of road closures as Welsh Water continues their work schedule.

For several months the town has been gridlocked as roadworks are undertaken on major roads but this week motorists and shoppers were relieved to see two-way traffic restored to Monnow Street a move which will last for four weeks before the street closes again.

However the relief was short-lived as the schedule for the next few months has been revealed.

A number of full road closures, starting with St John Street this month, will continue to plague the town.

From April 22, the pinch point will be closed for a month, effectively stopping the two-way through traffic for the first week until the ‘down’ traffic can travel via Agincourt and St John Street.

Welsh Water say Monnow Street will be for deliveries only and no on-street parking will be allowed.

St Mary’s Street and Whitecross Street will be closed from April 10 to May 22 .

June will see Agincourt Street closed and July will see Agincourt Square closed.

Priory Street will see a one way ‘down’ system implemented between August and mid September.

St James’ Street will continue to see traffic lights until April 16 and St James’ Square will see traffic lights from Jun 13 to July 3.