Monmouthshire County Council have rebuked claims made by the Great British Public Toilet Map. The Great British Public Toilet Map tracks publicly available toilets using crowd-sourced information from users and data from councils and other organisations.

This week it was revealed that there was just a handful of public toilets in Monmouthshire, as campaigners call for better facilities for those living with disabilities.

However, the MCC have hit back at this with a spokesperson saying: “Monmouthshire County Council has a Local Toilet Strategy which identifies a total of 36 publicly accessible toilets in the county. 20 of these total consist of traditional, stand-alone public toilet blocks – 9 of these are owned and managed by the County Council, 11 by Town and Community Councils. The other 16 toilets are provided in Leisure Centres, libraries, etc.

“This information was submitted to Welsh Government for national mapping, so we will make enquiries as  to why all public toilets available for public use in Monmouthshire do not appear on the ‘Great British Toilet Map.”