On Thursday, 13 December, Monmouthshire County Council's Cabinet approved a new Foster Friendly Policy. 

The new policy will apply to all employees who foster directly through our Council's Foster Wales Monmouthshire service or other Local Authorities. 

Employees will have access to up to five additional days of annual leave to enable foster carers or people being assessed to become foster carers to attend relevant meetings, training, home visits or other support needs.

Employees who are Special Guardians will also be able to access up to 2.5 days of additional leave to enable them to attend relevant meetings, attend training or engage in activities that meet the needs of the child in their care. 

Monmouthshire County Council's Cabinet Member for Social Care, Safeguarding and Accessible Health Services, Cllr Ian Chandler, said: "Foster carers can make such a massive difference to a young person's life, and this can be at a stage where they are at their most vulnerable.

"This policy allows us as a council to support our employees when they become foster carers and in the first stages of welcoming a child into their home. As a council and wider community, we are responsible for supporting each other and providing the best possible start to a child's/young person's life. I am delighted that this policy has had the full backing of the Cabinet. 

"Furthermore, if you are a resident of Monmouthshire and can provide a home, please contact our team." 

A spokesperson from MCC added: "By becoming a foster carer with Foster Wales Monmouthshire, you can help local children and young people stay in their community and close to the people and places that matter to them.

"The not-for-profit Foster Wales Monmouthshire team will be beside you every step of the way, providing a support network that includes your dedicated social worker, access to a wide variety of training as well as a buddying and mentoring system, regular support groups, access to our psychology and therapy service, out of hours support as well as fees and allowances to cover your costs and access to a range of other benefits such as free swimming in MCC pools and much more!"

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